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Spring Bear

Myself, along with the other eight members of the hunt, want to thank each and every person that had a part in our "Hunt of a Lifetime"; for it was the most outstanding hunt we've ever experienced. Beginning with Bob Stotz, whom initially sold me on this hunt, to Steve Wright and John Challenger who handled all of the fine details to ensure we not only had an awesome hunt, but were comfortable at all times. We would also like to thank our guides: Larry, Gary, Randy, Bruce, and Dale, all of which went beyond our expectations to ensure we had a terrific time as well as an exciting hunt. Last but not least, we can't forget Pete. Pete made the most fantastic and filling meals throughout our stay. Whether it was 9AM or midnight he made sure no one went away hungry. Bob McIntyre, one of our hunters said," his bear was not a monster but was a trophy to him because of the people at Northern Wilderness Outfitters and he will be back". Some of us are already making plans to return for that monster bruin. Again, the guys from West Virginia wish to thank all of those who made this our BEST "Hunt of a Lifetime". Take care, we will be seeing you again.

Mike Sams
Parkersburg WV



Spring Bear

As a full-time professional hunter I have the opportunity to meet lots of outfitters and experience a variety of hunting situations.  In my quest to bring the best fair-chase hunting shows to the TV audience it is seldom that I return to the same destination season after season.  However, Northern Wilderness Outfitters is one of the few exceptions to the rule.  It is easy for me to keep the shows fresh and original when they offer hunts for so many different big game species.  Spring & fall black bear, big northern whitetail, moose, & wolf make up the NWO hunting buffet.

And speaking of buffet, the dining at NWO is second to none you'll find anywhere.  The spacious lodge is clean and comfortable with all the modern conveniences.  These are all very important ingredients when searching for that perfect place for that special hunt but years of experience has taught me the most valuable thing of all is the integrity of the people you're dealing with. 

All the members and staff of Northern Wilderness Outfitters that work together for the success of their clients are the real key ingredients for the many years of success at NWO.

 Brenda Valentine

“First Lady of Hunting" 






Spring Bear

Steve Bartylla has been an outdoorsman since he was a child, hunting and trapping nearly his entire life. Steve has honed his hunting skills the old fashioned way, through hard work and diligence. His knowledge of animal behavior, especially Whitetails, has earned him respect among the most senior members of the outdoor world. A noted author, Steve's work appears all over the internet, and in print as well. He is regularly featured in numerous major magazines, and on television, teaching everyone the latest techniques in pursuing trophy game.  Steve is the President and Founder of Northwoods Whitetail Adventures, the creator of instructional bowhunting and habitat improvement video series.

Steve spent his first Bear hunt with us, taking two great bears, and will be back in the Fall to pursue his favorite animal, the Whitetail deer. Reading the article below makes it easy to understand Steve's eagerness to return to Northern Wilderness Outfitters.




Spring Bear

Dr. Dave Samuel

Outdoor Writer, Conservation Editor, Bowhunter magazine.

Dr. Samuel is a nationally recognized authority on wildlife and the many aspects of wildlife management. He is a return client of Northern Wilderness Outfitters, a well seasoned and accomplished bow hunter, traveling the globe in search of big game.

“I’ve bow hunted for Bears every Spring since 1969. Northern Wilderness Outfitters provides a superior camp with great bow hunting.”  - Dr. Dave Samuel



"Hunting with Northern Wilderness Outfitters was the highlight of my year. My dreams of taking a moose finally came true and to sweeten the spot I took a beautiful 8 point whitetail buck whose live weight was 295 lbs with my bow."

"I made new friends and gained ten pounds from the great food at their beautiful lodge, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

"Thanks to a great crew for a great time!!!"       

Aubrey Gale of Scent-lok's Wildlife Point Blank television show

Visit the galleries for pictures of Aubrey's Moose and Whitetail Deer


"Hi Bob,

This is Mike Cassidy.  Me and my 2 buddies just got back from your lodge.  Absolutely great.  It was the best hunt we've ever done and all 3 of us came home with great bucks.  The lodge is incredible.  The way we were treated was outstanding and not only were the meals excellent but Pete is an amazing chef and great person.  Everything you told us about the hunt and the lodge was 100% accurate.  All of the guides were not only very knowledgeable about the area and where the deer were but they were also great guys.  The other hunters in camp were repeat hunters and were helpful and very friendly.  I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to spend a week with.  You can count us in for a return trip in the future.  As soon as we know when we will let you know and book it."

"3 very satisfied hunters"

Mike Cassidy    Dennis Mefford    Dan Renson



Visit the Deer galleries for field pictures of Mike's, Dennis's, and Dan's bucks.