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Listed below are a few common questions asked by our clients. After reading the questions and their respective answers, feel free to ask us your specific question by phone, fax, or email.

Q - What is the procedure for a Non-Resident to bring a firearm into Canada?
A - Using the "Links" page of our website, visit the the Canadian Firearms Centre where you will find the appropriate form. Form JUS 909 E/F. You can download this form, fill it out, and present it at the airport following baggage claim. Once clearing firearms inspection, you will then pay the $25 Canadian fee to import your firearm.
You can also pre-register and pay online, saving some time at the Edmonton Airport. Regardless of the way you register and pay, please follow instructions carefully.


Q - Can I hunt with a handgun in Alberta?
A - No. Leave your handguns home, they are not permitted in Alberta.


Q - How is transportation to and from Edmonton Airport handled?
A - The NWO Shuttle bus usually leaves Edmonton Airport by 2 pm, Saturday or Sunday, depending on the specific hunting schedules. When you arrive, you will be processed through Canadian Customs, etc., claim your baggage and firearm, and exit the baggage claim area. Here you will be greeted by the NWO shuttle bus driver, your gear loaded into the bus or trailer, and you will depart for the NWO Ranch. This leg of your journey will last approximately 2 ½ hours. At the end of your hunt, you will be returned to the Edmonton Airport prior to noon for your departure. We recommend scheduling your arriving flights between 11am and 1pm, with departing flights being scheduled for 1pm at the earliest. For earlier arrivals or later departures, we can supply a list of hotel choices. By filling out your Hunter Information sheet, we will be able to make arrangements for transportation from your hotel to the NWO Ranch, and back to your hotel using the typical NWO Shuttle bus schedule. Please contact us with any questions prior to booking your arriving and departing flights.


Q - What type of weather should I expect?
A - The weather in Alberta can be unpredictable. As your hunt date gets closer, use our links page to see what weather conditions could be. Today's materials and fabrics provide great warmth, and can keep you dry, but it is always important to bring enough clothes, and layer them effectively. It is easy to take off a layer, but difficult to add a layer that you forgot to bring.


Q - Is there any special equipment that I need to bring for my hunt?
A - Visit the "Equipment List" page on the website for your specific hunt. Please keep in mind, these are simply guidelines for needed equipment. You will ultimately decide what you bring.


Q- Is it required that I wear Hunter Safety Orange clothes while hunting in Alberta?
A - No orange is required in Alberta. Feel free to wear whatever you like.


Q - What type or caliber of rifle is appropriate for hunting in Alberta?
A - Most outfitters recommend using a rifle of .30 caliber or larger to hunt in Alberta. We agree, but also believe in using a rifle that is accurate, reliable, that you shoot well, and are comfortable with. Just as important as caliber, is bullet weight, type, and construction. Be sure to match your bullet choice to the game you are hunting. Ammunition manufacturers offer many choices, and can help you decide which is best for the situation. Visit their websites for help.
It is also important that we understand your shooting skills. Depending on your maximum range, we will place you in an area where the opportunities are within that range. Please be honest with us, and yourself.


Q - How many other hunters will be in camp with me ?
A - When hunting from the lodge or the outpost bear camp, there is rarely more than 10 hunters. In some very limited situations, like a group outing perhaps, we will agree to host 12 hunters at the same time. We feel we can provide the best service with a personal touch by keeping the groups below 12 hunters.
Hunters on the Moose float rarely have more than 4 hunters in a party. There may be an additional party hunting on the same week, but in a different area. Personalized and professional service is part of our commitment to our clients.


Q - How big of an area is available to hunt?
A - Northern Wilderness Outfitters has hunting allocations in a variety of areas. These areas span for nearly 700 miles from one end to the other, and contain various terrains and features. From farmlands, to thick woods, flatlands to rolling hills, you can find numerous types of wildlife throughout these areas.


Q - Will I hunt private property, or exclusive leases, and will I share the area with other hunters?
A - We hunt both Provincial property and privately owned areas. There is a very remote chance that you will see another hunter, but you will never feel crowded or intruded upon. Northern Wilderness Outfitters has the most modern, and effective equipment such as trucks, ATV's, hovercrafts, canoes, jet boats, etc., to get you off the beaten path, and hunting the secluded areas that produce trophy big game. This separates us from the average outfitter, and has lead us to become a premier outfitter in Alberta. We do whatever it takes.

Q - Do you cater to bow hunters?
A - Absolutely! Many of our clients are bow hunters, and there are plenty of opportunities for the determined archer for all species of game. Please be sure to let us know ahead of time your intention to bow hunt, so we can insure the proper license is available for you.


Q - Do you allow the use of expanding or mechanical broadheads for bow hunters?
A - Yes, we do. Regardless of the broadhead you choose, it must be sharp. Surgically sharp. All the draw weight in the world will not push a dull broadhead through the animal. Your broadheads must be accurate and durable, tough enough for heavy bones that they may meet during your hunt.  Minimum cutting diameter of 7/8 inch or 21 mm.

Be sure that you bring plenty of arrows that are tuned and ready to hunt, and do not take questionable shots, regardless of the trophy potential of the animal.

Q - What are the chances of actually filling my tag(s)?
A - It is important to understand that this is a hunting trip, and a fair chase hunt without guarantees. There are no pens, no high fences, and the game you pursue will be absolutely wild. Some of these animals have never seen humans. It is the role of the guides and outfitter to locate and identify big game for you, and do whatever it takes to present you with the opportunity to harvest your trophy. In nearly every case, we are able to provide that opportunity but the rest is up to the hunter. Don't be fooled by take-home "success" rates when choosing an outfitter, but keep in mind their actual role.


Q - What happens if I tag out early?
A - When you fill your big game tag, there is still the opportunity to hunt Wolves during your stay. You can also share the hunting experience with a camera, or accompany guides as they work, or simply enjoy the stay in camp, maybe even relaxing in the Jacuzzi, or in front of the big screen TV's, or spend time on the billiards table. You already determined the length of your stay when you booked your trip, and you are always welcome to stay with us for the duration, and are entitled to everything you paid for. If you choose to change your plans and return home early, we will help you make arrangements as best we can.


Q - What is the payment policy?
A - We require a $1000 US Dollars deposit to confirm your reservation, $2000 if you will be participating in a combination hunt. One half of the balance, or 50%, is due 210 days prior to the start of your hunt. The remaining half or 50% is due 120 days prior to the hunt date.


Q - What is the cancelation policy?
A - Your deposit represents a commitment on your part to participate on the scheduled trip. In the event that you cancel your reservation, your deposit can be transferred to another hunter who has agreed to hunt in your place. These arrangements are to be made by you, not NWO. If you choose not to transfer the deposit, it will be forfeited.