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Spring Bear and Wolf 


Fall Bear and Wolf 

 $4500 USD + licenses and GST tax

**Each hunter can harvest two bears per license year**

And unlimited Wolves !

Spring Bear hunting will begin in early May and continue through Mid June.

The Spring Bear hunts are operated out of an outpost camp North of the Slave Lake area. These outpost camps are well equipped with amenities like hot and cold running water, showers, refrigerators and freezers, electric lights, and modern cook ranges. Our modular kitchen and dining trailers make for a very comfortable and enjoyable stay. Meals are prepared by our chef and staff with a wide variety of meals throughout your stay, guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest hunters!

Sleeping accommodations consist of 10' X 12' wall tents that are equipped with a ground sheet, single bed mattresses with box springs, electric lights, and propane heaters in case the weather turns wet or cold.

Due to the fact that hunters are allowed to kill two bears in Alberta, our success rate over the past several years has been consistently over 180%. This means that a camp with ten hunters will usually produce a harvest of more than 18 bears.

Opportunities are at  200%, meaning everyone will get an opportunity to harvest two bears each. It’s up to each individual hunter take advantage of these opportunities and harvest his trophy, and some hunters are extremely selective with their second animal. It is not surprising to see 25 or 30 bears during a hunt, and many repeat customers have learned to be patient, resulting in great trophy bears.

We also offer Fall Black Bear hunts operated out of our Main Lodge. These hunts are “spot and stalk” hunts and also offer an exciting way to find your trophy Bear.

Every year several Bears are taken that are record class, the measurements exceeding minimum for Safari Club International, Pope and Young, and Boone & Crockett Record Books.

There are excellent chances of harvesting color phase bears, probability near 35 or 40%.

Hunting is done with 1/2 ton trucks, canoes, and in some cases ATVs. Some areas that we hunt are baited in the Spring, others are natural feeding areas along rivers, lakes, roads, and oil field clearings, such as pipelines, lease sites and cut lines. In these areas the method of hunting is to spot and stalk.

Depending on the time of your hunt, fishing opportunities may be available.

With our Bear hunts you can harvest two Bears, without worrying about “Second Bear fees”, or “Trophy fees.”

Visit the Photo Gallery for pictures of Bears recently taken

Included in this hunt:

Transportation to and from Edmonton Airport



One guide per 2 hunters; One on One guide available for $1500 USD additional

Trophy care 

Not included in this hunt:

Airfare to Edmonton airport

License Fees


Fees for processing or shipping game or byproducts


Fishing license fees

Fees to bring firearms into Canada